Monday, April 09, 2012

The Kiwis Are Back!

The crazy Kiwis are once again barnstorming America! This time, in fact, North America, my Canadian readers will be happy to hear. Our friends from down under are back and have another spectacular jaunt planned. For those eager fans who didn't get to visit with them during their first tour, they have an itinerary planned through the northern reaches, including D.C., Boston, Toronto, Michigan, Wisconsin, Chicago, Nebraska, Colorado and Oregon.

Of course, they have a blog, which I expect will be as cheeky and insightful as their last one: Tumbling Across America. A pair of antipodean Jack Kerouacs', their theme during 2012 is On the Road Again.

It was good to see Jamie in New York a few weeks ago. I think he liked the Upper East Side. He looked a bit more tired than the last time I saw him in that special city of Wellington.

Aside from their road trip, they plan to spend the summer caddying at one of the finest places on the planet, going to the Masters, visiting Yosemite, and I'm sure, depriving themselves of sleep.

When I described this year's odyssey to the Mrs. she came to the same conclusion that I did: that two good looking, well educated kiwis, with endearing accents, spending the summer in the Hamptons, could do some damage. Word has it that some of the pipes burst over the winter at the storied club they will be carrying bags at, and thus, there is plenty of new pipe to be laid this year.

These two Kiwis are filled with vim and a sense of adventure. They plan on buying another van to sleep in as they embark on their road trip. They would never ask outright, but being a shameless New Yorker I am not afraid to do so on their behalf. I'm sure they would appreciate a real bed to sleep in or an invite to play golf. I can vouch for them as they did not burn down my house when they stayed. Meeting them or following their blog is sure to be an enriching experience.


Anonymous said...

When is your next post on a top 100 course? 2014? Couldn't find time during your garden leave?

Top 100 Golfer said...

To the eager poster who leaves the same message every month, allow me to explain a simple mathematical formula to you. Because I have played 99 of 100, it is, shall we say, difficult to post a new review every month in perpetuity. The next post on a top 100 course that all my eager fans await is the one on Augusta. 2014 would be nice, but who knows? If it makes you happy to leave this same message every month, have at it. We are all missing your point.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get all logical on you but the title of this blog is "Playing the Top 100 Golf Courses in The World" and there are quite a few courses left that you have played but are yet to write up, such as Pinehurst, Sawgrass, Kiawah Island, World Woods etc.
Therefore when I tap on here at the start of the month and see a write up of a course that is not in the top 100 (and there have been a lot of them lately) it is a little bit disappointing.
Maybe put up reviews of these courses first and then fill in the gap until you play Augusta with other reviews.
And who says the blog needs to run in perpetuity anyway?
Your Kiwi mates stopped their last blog at the end of the year when they finished their journey, so why can't you?
Maybe then you can start a new blog "my favorite other courses".
And when you say "We are all missing your point", who do you mean by "we"? I thought it was just you writing this blog

Top 100 Golfer said...

To quote the great sportscaster Dick Enberg. Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, certainly proved beyond all doubt that my points are invalid

MRP said...

If you don't like the way he is runnning his blog, don't read it.

FYI, having lunch with the Kiwi's this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

The Scottish Kiwi or the Australian Kiwi?

Rudo Pinehurst said...

The Kiwi's (Jamie and Michael) were here in Pinehurst this past week staying w me...and we played Dormie, Forest Creek North and CCNC--Dogwood. They also played some at #2 and Southern Pines. THey are a pair of fun/interesting characters.

Keep going w your blogs...

Anonymous said...

Do these Kiwi guys have jobs?

The last trip was a year I think and now a whole summer?