Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Golf Smarter Podcast

For the second year running, I had the opportunity to speak with the affable Fred Greene of Golf Smarter Podcast, to discuss my 2007 golfing exploits.

Click here to listen to the interview. Or, if you prefer, you can download Golfsmarter podcasts from iTunes Store Podcast section.

My next couple of posts, coming soon, will feature Friar's Head on Long Island, Chantilly in France and my first attempt to make a tee time in Japan.


oneplaneben said...

Top 100--you are the man. Loved the podcast and loved the detailed description of your trip to France. You've got a new follower. Also love your research and writing style--it's great to hear about the atmosphere, quality, playability and history of each of these gems (and non-gems).

I write from Southeast Michigan. . .haven't played Crystal Downs, but have played Arcadia Bluffs, CC of Detroit and used to work at Oakland Hills. Unfortunately, my one-year stint as a first tee staffer has not given me priority rights to tee times, but we did play the South almost every night after the last member teed off! I recall a Wednesday in the summer of '97 when two men came to the course from Colonial. They said they were pursuing Golf Digest's domestic top 100 and had made arragements with my boss to play ahead of time. They needed a member to play with, but everyone was committed to a foursome because it was the practice day before the annual invitational--course in prime shape! I was told to grab my clubs and head to the first tee, South Course. I had a great time talking with these guys and I became an instant admirer of top 100 chasers. Hope OHCC is on your schedule for 2008.

Good luck, Oneplaneben

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