Friday, June 06, 2008

Access to Top 100 Courses on eBay

Playing the top golf courses in the world just got easier. I noticed on eBay this morning an auction for a threesome to play a round a Baltimore Country Club. The seller is also auctioning off rounds at Riviera Country Club and The Olympic Club.

Click to view the auction

The seller's username is keepitontheshortgrass and his eBay store is Unique Golf Experiences. "Welcome to my eBay Store. Throughout the year you will see hard to find golf experiences. From top 100 course access to various travel packages. If there is something you do not see let me know and I will keep a look out. If it is important to you than it is important to me. Nothing is impossible."

I'm not endorsing it and I'm not affiliated with it. We'll see if this ends up being for real. I'm not sure how the seller is doing it since high end private clubs often frown on rounds being sold or auctioned off, unless it is for charity.

As Eliot Spitzer figured out, paying for something that you can get free is often fraught with hidden danger.


The Itinerant Golfer said...

This smells funny to me. Reminds me of the Pine Valley members who were selling rounds for $10,000 several years ago.

Bob Meade said...

Looks like buyers steered clear of that one.

Damien said...

I already notified a fellow Olympic Club member a year ago of the eBay seller. Not acceptable conduct.

精神年齢 said...