Friday, October 17, 2008

Shinkansen - The Bullet Train

A bullet train passing Mt. Fuji

We took the Shinkansen yesterday from Tokyo to Kobe to play the two highest rated courses in Japan - Naruo and Hirono. The Shinkansen goes at a maximum speed of 188 miles per hour and is more commonly known as the bullet train. The train has a smooth ride, but to be honest was a bit of a disappointment since you don't really feel how fast the train is going while you're on it. The other problem with the train is that the view out the window isn't exactly of the French countryside.

Japan is a highly industrialized, developed nation where essentially every square inch of land that is not mountainous is fully developed. If your cup of tea is poorly designed housing units and factories, you'll love the view.

Bullet train arriving in Tokyo Station

Several things did catch my attention though. One is the continued politeness of the Japanese. The train conductors bow each time they enter or exit a car and are highly respectful, as is everyone here. The other thing that was ideal is that no-one, repeat no-one speaks into their cell phones on the train. There are only small areas of the train where cell phone use is allowed and it makes for a very pleasant ride.

The golf here is incredible, I will be putting up my course reviews between now and year end, and you will be amazed at the quality of the courses.

A sneak preview below, Kawana's 15th hole:

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