Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hardest Course to Get On

My learned readers have spoken and agree that Augusta National is the hardest course in the United States to get on because you have to play with member and only fifteen or so live locally. Also, a member can only have three guests on the property at one time. For added difficulty, take a look at the list of members, half are CEOs or ex-CEOs and it's not particularly easy to wiggle an invite from the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Lou Gerstner, Jr. 61% voted Augusta National as the most difficult course to get on.

I'm still trying to get on Augusta and have two leads I am pursuing. A friend recently played and send me a long email about the experience, which sounds better everytime I hear a new story. "My bed in the Berckman's Cabin was merely a place to lay down, the ability to sleep was impossible," pretty much sums up the experience.

Cypress Point came in as the second most difficult at 15%. Again, a small membership of 250 members, only 75 of whom live locally. Chicago Golf Club came in third at 8%, because there are only 125 total members. Fishers Island came in 4th at 7%, Seminole at 4% and Shinnecock at 1%. Let's keep the list in perspective, though, all six courses are exceedingly difficult to get access to.

Thank you for all those that took the time to vote. A new poll question regarding the best architect of all time has just been launched.

My next post is my ever popular year and review with reader comments, followed by Camargo.


Rugs said...

Add San Francisco GC, The Country Club (Cleveland, OH), and Franklin Hills (MI).

Anonymous said...

Also, ANGC is closed for half the year.

In Pursuit of 1000 Golfer said...

Enjoyed your photos. Cropping and color saturation really enhances the images. I see you have an article on Camargo coming up. I played there in the Spring and will be returning again in 2010. As you are aware I usually take well over 100 photos of the courses I play. The pro at Camargo made it very clear that I could take pictures but he didn't want them used on any website. Unless they have changed their policy I would be careful on posting any pictures from there. Good luck on getting on Augusta, my friends uncle is a member but I have yet to get an invite.