Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The World's Top 100 Photo Montage

The winter months always present a challenge to post new write-ups. Over the next couple of months we will present our year end review and some other interesting posts that will no doubt dazzle my readers. The year end review is always one of my favorites because I recount reader comments from throughout the year. I have a trip planned to Australia in March so the spring and summer should be filled with a rich line-up of new course postings.

At great sacrifice to my family and work I have been traveling the world in the service of my faithful readers to report back my view of the top golf courses in the world. I've been toting my digital camera for the last four and have accumulated a nice collection of photos from the far corners of the earth. Here for your viewing pleasure, I have assembled my own favorites together in one place. Alfred Hitchcock has also inspired me to insert a cameo appearance in one of the photos.

Like the lovely lass in Seinfeld, there have been no touch-ups. All my pictures are real and they're spectacular. Enjoy!

CP 15th-2

Cypress Point's par three 15th hole

Cypress 3rd Green

Cypress Point's par three 3rd green

CP 17th hole

Cypress Point's 17th along Monterey Bay

Val 2

The approach to Valderrama's second with the ubiquitous cork trees

LL 5th-1

The beauty of Loch Lomond's par three fifth hole


Rossdhu House, Loch Lomond's world beating clubhouse


The par three 14th at Crystal Downs in Michigan


Maidstone's par three fourteenth along the Atlantic Ocean

Myopia #9

The 9th hole at Myopia Hunt Club, Massachusetts on a fall day

6th racecourse

Sweeping the dew at Somerset Hills 6th hole, site of a former race track

15th hole

The view from the elevated tee on the 15th at Friar's Head, New York


Inside the clubhouse at The National Golf Links of America, New York

Sebonack 11th green

Sebonack's 11th hole at dusk, Southampton, New York


The exciting Entry drive at Yeamans Halls, Charleston, South Carolina


Seminole's pink clubhouse, Juno Beach, Florida


Sunrise at Cabo del Sol, Mexico


The desert meets the ocean at the 6th, Cabo del Sol, Mexico


The "horseshoe" third green at Yeamans Hall, South Carolina

11 short
The 11th, "Short" hole at Camargo Club, Cincinatti

approach to morfontaine

The mystical approach to Morfontaine, north of Paris

# 4 valliere

The wild par three 4th hole at Morfontaine's Valliere Course, France

Chantilly 17

The magical par three 17th hole at Chantilly, France

third hole

Durban's 3rd hole routed through the bush, South Africa


Durban's 17th hole with wild-undulating fairway, South Africa

N1 fairway

The narrow first tee shot at Naruo, near Kobe, Japan

Naruo tram

The automatic traction system that shuttles clubs around Naruo, Japan

H14 fwy

The massively sloping 14th fairway at Japan's Hirono Golf Club


The mist lifting on the 17th hole at Kawana Golf Club, Japan

The world-class par five 15th hole at Kawana, Japan

Prairie Dunes 8th

The uphill dog-leg, wavy fairway on the 8th hole, Prairie Dunes, Kansas


Der Reisegolfer said...

A jealous "Wow" from Germany. Inspiring Pics. I'm also collecting Golf Courses, but you collection is really impressive this year.

best regards


Greg G. said...

Hi Joe. Some great photos to record some great memories. We also got to Loch Lomond and Morfontaine (amongst others) during 2009. Japan on the books for 2010.70 down and counting....

Remember to let me know how we can help out with your March visit downunder!

Anonymous said...

Joe, sorry that the turd green photos of Medinah were not included on your list. Also, you'll need the camera next time you play Fishers Island (if you're ever allowed back there). The photos of these two "top 100 world courses" clearly depict that they are not worthy of such rankings.


will said...

Thanks for the pics. And just to prove I looked at them all carefully, here's a typo:
"Sweeping the due at Somerset Hills 6th hole." $5 please.

golf and golf equipment said...

thanks joe for the pics,some stunning scenery,im so jealous,wish i was there.great stuff!

Krish said...

Wonderful Place :). Feels cool for my eyes.

Brian Haworth said...


Could you please mail / text me the Devil's address, then I can make an appropriately similar 'Soul deal'.

Thanks for sharing wonderful shots of such marvellous tracks!

My Merion disk is en route to you.