Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 100 Golf Course Trivia Quiz

Fancy yourself a golf course aficionado? A world traveler who prides yourself on your ability to differentiate a Shinkansen from Wisconsin? Can you tell Yorkshire from New Hampshire? Ok, all you self-assured golf course nuts, now is the time to test your knowledge of the top 100 courses in the world with our trivia quiz.

Email your answers to me to be eligible to win an all-expenses-paid trip around the world touring top golf courses. Actually, our lawyers told me to strike that. Instead, you will be eligible to win a slightly marked up ball from The Fishers Island Club.

The courses to choose your answers from are those listed along the left side of the blog. Must be 21 to enter and all decisions of the judges (me) are final. As the Yankees are reigning world champions, No Red Sox fans please. There is a total of 25 points eligible plus two bonus points. Extra credit will be given if you point out a flaw in either one of my questions or answers (fat chance).

I will post the answers in 30 days.

1. What course was Winston Churchill a member of?

2. What course is also its own self contained township?

3. What course has held Olympic events on its property?

4. On what course will you find wicker baskets?

5. What is the closest you will get to the Playboy Mansion while playing the top 100?

6. What course do you have to drive through Sherwood Forest to get to?

7. What course do you travel past a nuclear submarine base to get to?

8. At what course will you enjoy the lobster lunch?

9. What course will not let women anywhere on the property?

10. What is the most copied hole in the world? Where did it originate? For extra credit, how many of them are there in the top 100?

11. What course features a cemetery as a hazard on the first hole?

12. What course has no pro shop?

13. What course features a Squirrel as its symbol?

14. What course served as a training ground for spies during the Second World War?

15. What course's 13th hole is named 'Loch Lomond'?

16. What is the northern-most located course on the top 100 and the southern-most?

17. Which course has cops guarding several holes?

18. What course did Dwight Eisenhower suffer a heart attack on while he was President?

19. What course features a full-size hangman's noose on its 16th hole?

20. What course do you begin the day by hitting a (basically) blind shot over a hedge row?

21. What course has a train running through the middle of it? Extra credit for a list of courses with trains running alongside the course.

22. Which course formerly had a race course running through the land?

23. What architect designed the most courses in the top 100?

24. Where are Miss Grainger's Bosoms located?

25. Where is the 'End Hole' bunker?


Dancer's Image said...

I imagine the answer to question 6 is Woodhall Spa. However driving from Manchester Airport to Woodhall Spa does not take you near to Sherwood Forest. Sherwood Forest is in Nottinghamshire, the most northern limits being Mansfield or Retford. Woodhall Spa is in Lincolnshire. Actually the correct answer to number 6 would be Hollinwell or, well, Sherwood Forest, both of which I can recommend as well worth playing on your next visit to England. Thank you for the site which I very much enjoy reading.

Anonymous said...

If you go the looong way from Kingston Heath to Colonial, you could go through Sherwood Forest...