Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Play the World's Most Exclusive Golf Clubs - The Book

Good news for those in the U.K., the book is now available through Amazon.

How do you play at the upper-echelon of clubs in the world? In the end, it is simple. All you need is the time, the resources and the connections; although there are exceptions, since I played several top courses for free and without connections. The golf world is made up of generous people who are benevolent in many ways; now, it is my turn to give back to a game that has given me so much, by passing along the methods and techniques I used to play the world’s great golf courses.

Now that the journey is complete, the most frequent question I am asked is, “How did you get on all these courses?” The other common query I get is, “How did you get on Augusta?”  Through my journey I have come to know ten people who have completed the same challenge and they all say the same thing, everyone wants to know how they were able to play Augusta.

The focus of the book is insights into how I gained access to the clubs, and techniques you can use if you have a desire to play some of these world-class courses. It will include some wisdom I gained from the journey, and interesting stories about others who have pursued similar journeys. A condensed and expanded version of the blog at the same time, the best stories and pictures are shared to delight the itinerant golfer.

The book is available from and Click on the image of the book below to order on Amazon:

I hope you will find it enjoyable and entertaining.

Because the game as given so much to me, as a small way of giving back I am donating my share of the profits from the book to charities supporting children.


David said...

Just wanted to say I truly enjoy reading this blog. Love the tips you give. Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

I am going to buy this book now. Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

I received your book for Christmas yesterday and have managed to read it cover to cover in a day and a half. I absolutely loved it, especially the in depth sections on a few of the courses and the "experience" that Includes the travel, drive to the course as well as the rituals unique to that particular course.
Thanks for giving other golf obsessed people a peek inside the best courses in the world.

Top 100 Golfer said...

Glenn - Thank you for your kind and humbling comment. I am glad you liked it!


Unknown said...

Was just curious if you have or why you haven't played newport c.c in RI? ,And what you think if it. It seems to have it all, history, majors, ocean views , length , an incredible course and clubhouse. Also bought your book! Great job

Top 100 Golfer said...

J.C. - Thank you for the nice comment. Yes, Newport is on my shortlist of courses to play, as is Burning Tree in D.C. Just awaiting an invite and a trip to New England. John

Unknown said...

Top 100.. I'm playing newport c.c in may !! US open qualifying. I'd like to send you some pics and give you my take on the course, if your interested .?. Last year I was up in Rhode island playing in the rhode island open and I drove down just to get a look at Newport c.c and the place is incredible (gazing through the bushes non the less lol)but the area is georgeous. Good luck in all your travels and congratulations!

Top 100 Golfer said...

Good luck in the qualifier. Yes, would be very interested in pictures, sounds like a really nice course and the clubhouse doesn't look too bad either :)